Out of Reach

Out of Reach

Out of Reach is a memoir by Palestinian American author Layla Noor who was born in Palestine during the height of conflict. She wanted to chase a dream of success and love and this journey took her to many exotic locations around the world. Layla’s tale chronicles her life from near death, war time experiences and multiple heartbreaks, to the strength and resilience which would see her succeed in the face of adversity.

Out of Reach reveals her dramatic love story with a Jewish American man in an unlikely relationship that symbolizes the surprising situation in which strong love can be found. Layla’s positive attitude and unwillingness to give up serve as an inspiration to readers and a testament to people’s ability to look past their differences and origin. A compelling story of an outgoing, independent Middle Eastern woman who lives life to the fullest and has learned the harsh lessons of her life through, romance, loss, and deceit.

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Layla Noor

About Layla Noor

Layla Noor is a Palestinian-American and a mother of two. She studied Interior Decoration at KLC in London. She is a freelancer and currently resides in South Florida. Since her teenage years, she dreamed of writing her story, but she put this dream on hold to focus on her family. Finally in 2011 she had the inspiration to write her story, “Out of Reach”.

What Readers Are Saying

A must read! Fascinating, enjoyable, and an inspiring true story. It takes you in a journey throughout the Middle East, Cypress, Spain & finally the US. Every single member in our book club enjoyed reading Out of reach. I am sure that you will too! - W. Alturk

What an INCREDIBLE true life story of life's and love's experiences! Intriguing depictions from child to adulthood, religious and cultural differences, parental and sibling relationships and those of lover, wife and mother, Layla Noor is nothing shy of phenomenal! I have gifted both male and females with this book to hear reactions that mirror my own--I just could not quit reading! - J. L. Ward

An inspiring story I didn't want to put down. A blend of history, international travel, a romance novel, all rolled into one and an insight into different cultures that can come together in love and heartbreak. It shows us all there is always hope, even in the bleakest of times, and we can overcome life's difficult times if we just believe in ourselves. Layla seems to be a very strong and independent woman who knows what she wants, I wish her luck in her future endeavours and relationships. - K. Marder


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